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2018 IODWCA Annual General Meeting


Supporting Documents:

3. Reading of Minutes

2017 IODWCA AGM Minutes

4. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

5. Report of Officers

President’s Report

6. Fleet Reports

7. Selection of Site for next Championship

Schedule of Championships

8. Other Business

A. Manhattan Yacht Club IOD Fleet

Manhattan Yacht Club IOD Fleet’s Request for Class Recognition

B. Amendments to Constitution

Proposed Changes to the IODWCA Constitution

Proposed IODWCA Constitution without Markups

C. Amendments to Bylaws

Proposed Changes to the IODWCA Bylaws

Proposed IODWCA Bylaws without Markups

D. Norwegian Fleets Name/Location Change

Request from the Norwegian IOD Fleets to change their names and move the Inner Olso Fjord Fleet to Fredrikstad

E. International Class Status

Bermuda’s Request for Motion Regarding World Sailing

F. Discussion of Championship Regulations

Current Championship Regulations

9. Election of Officers

Nominating Committee’s Report & Proposed Slate of Officers

10. Alternate Slate of Officers

Slate of Officers proposed by Paul Manning














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