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Richard “Dick” Sykes

IOD FLEET: Nantucket

ACTIVE PERIOD: 80s – 2000s

IOD ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR CONTRIBUTIONS: Chief Technical Officer of IOD Class and overseer of Nantucket new boat builds by CW Hood. Known “hands-down” as the best sailor in the Nantucket fleet. Was part of original Nantucket Fleet founders and Sierra Syndicate partner. Dick served as NIODFA president in 2004.

NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: Champion in the Shields Nationals twice, and the IOD North Americans. Participated in 15 Newport Bermuda races.

As Chief Technical Officer for the Class, Dick was able to deliver their boats to the original syndicates in a timely fashion through trying times. As an accomplished sailor and 15 time Newport Bermuda participant, Dick had every sailor’s respect.

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