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Jan Petter Roed


ACTIVE PERIOD: 70s – present

IOD ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR CONTRIBUTIONS: His dedication to the class has been enormous.

When the fire at Harry Farmers destroyed the molds JP stepped up and helped finance new molds, without that generosity the class would have been in trouble and perhaps in terminal trouble.

JP has almost single handedly gotten the European Building Program started with a large financial commitment. He has been really the present day “father” of the European and even the World Class Association.

JP is a fixture at all, and I mean all major Events – Worlds, Baltic Sea, Bermuda Race Week. If there is a regatta where his friends from both sides of the pond are there, JP will be in attendance.

When the Royal Bermuda Yacht Squadron decided to use the King Edward Gold Cup for the professional match race series, it was Jan Petter who stepped up, again, and donated the “Vrengen Gold Cup” as a replacement.

NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: Jan has been an avid sailor since starting with his father in 22 SQ Meters and anything that can be raced in any body of water around the world. He has made it possible for hundreds of individuals to be able to sail through his generosity and fleet building prowess.

Jan embodies the essence and the spirit of the brotherhood and legacy of the International One Design. There is a reason he was bestowed with the “Service Award”. Very few individuals have been as instrumental over such a long period of time as Jan Petter Roed.

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