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Arthur Knapp, Jr.

IOD FLEET: Long Island Sound

ACTIVE PERIOD: 30s – 70s

IOD ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR CONTRIBUTIONS: Authored “Sail Your Boat Right”, so much of which is about sailing an IOD: Corny Shields’ right hand man in developing and promoting the IOD Class. Won the first IOD trophy in a tie breaker over Shields in the spring of 1937. Regularly at the top of the standings in the Long Island Sound Fleet #1.

NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: Arthur brought his love of sailing to Princeton where he founded the Princeton Sailing Team in 1928. Notably also he served as tactician aboard the J-Boat “Ranger”; Sears Cup; Star Class World Champion in 1930; Shields National Champion; Helmsman for America’s Cup 12M, “Weatherly”; United States Yacht Racing Union award for his outstanding contribution to North American sailing. When Mosbacher was invited to helm Weatherly in the next challenge, one of the weight-saving steps was to remove Arthur’s pipe rack from the cockpit.

His presence during the “Golden Age” of yachting was so prevalent – from Star’s to J class to frost-biting to IOD’s and 12 Meter yachts that there are only a handful that would compare in his achievements and contributions to the sport. From 1946 to 1966, he won the annual Larchmont Yacht Club’s frostbite series 14 times. When one reads “Sail Your Boat Right,” Arthur is offering IOD sailors a manual on sailing an IOD and sharing with other competitors outside the class some of the basics and finer points.

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