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Bermuda International One Design Class
IOD 85th Anniversary & World Championship 2021

Hamilton, Bermuda
Hosted by the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
September 11th – 17th 2021

On behalf of the Bermuda International One Design Class, I would like to welcome all skippers and crews to enjoy some Corinthian racing in our IOD fleet on the famous Great Sound for the honour of becoming the next International One Design World Champion.

This is also a very special year as we celebrate 85 years since the birth of these classic one design racing yachts. The well known yacht designer and builder Bjarne Aas of Fredrikstad, Norway created these beautiful yachts based on the lines of the famous Saga and the 6 meter formula. Three identical 6 meters were designed and built by Bjarne Aas for the Trimingham family and shipped to Bermuda in 1929.

The famous American sailor Cornelius Shield Sr. was instrumental in forming a syndicate and introducing the IODs to American waters in 1936. This was soon followed by the Bermuda sailors and so the birth of IOD racing in Bermuda began.

The prestigious title of World Champion in the International One Design Class carries great honour in the sailing world. The Bermuda IOD Fleet has produced a number of champions with Eugene ‘Penny’ Simmons and Peter Bromby being the most recent. We are hoping our representative can join these two IOD legends as champion in September.

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our lovely island for some spirited competition on our Great Sound. We hope you will enjoy renewing old friendships, some exciting racing and the camaraderie of the International One Design family.

Fair winds and good racing.

Kevin Horsfield
Bermuda IOD Fleet President

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